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Fiduciary management

Who are we?

We are a purpose-built, privately-owned specialist in fiduciary management.


Cardano pioneered fiduciary management sixteen years ago. We’ve helped clients reach their objectives ever since. These include reaching “low-dependency” funding levels and settling liabilities with insurers.


Fiduciary management combines investment advice with delegated decision-making and implementation. The scope of delegation varies with clients’ preferences and governance models. Limited delegation is possible using our “outsourced chief investment officer” (OCIO) service.


Why Cardano?

A, B, C

  • All about you

    You can expect a tailor-made service designed around your stakeholders, objectives and governance model.

  • Beyond climate change

    Our portfolios take a broad approach to sustainability, considering climate change, biodiversity, water and sanitation as well as a range of social priorities. In the strategies we manage in-house, we exclude companies unwilling or unable to transition. We include companies whose transitions are underway but incomplete. We want a seat at these companies’ tables so we can engage with them on our clients’ behalf to affect change.

  • Closer to markets

    Unlike fiduciary managers operating as funds-of-funds, we participate in markets directly. That means our hands are on the wheel and we can act quickly when necessary. That also means we’re more clearly accountable, avoiding any finger pointing.

How do we deliver?

  • Flexible model

    Our service is tailor-made, designed with and for our clients.


    In addition to fiduciary management, we can act as OCIO.


    We’ve also adapted our core service for Sole Trustees, who are professionals with different requirements for advice and reporting.

  • Journey management

    There are different ways to get there: Stay the course or de-risk? Growth or income?


    As pension specialists, we help clients make journey planning decisions that integrate funding with investment and covenant risk.

  • Keeping you informed

    We’re focused on clarity and brevity. In writing and in person, we aim to provide the right information in the right way.


    Investment results and progress vs. journey plans are easy to assess using customisable dashboards available online.

This website contains marketing material about our fiduciary management service. This website does not represent impartial advice on this service. In certain cases, you are required to conduct a competitive tender process prior to appointing a fiduciary manager. Guidance on running a tender process is available from the Pensions Regulator.