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Innovation at Cardano


Innovation in analytics and technology is fundamental to our ethos at Cardano. We pride ourselves on challenging the conventional wisdom and are dedicated to the relentless pursuit of better solutions. This dedication elevates the level of service we provide to our clients and ultimately scheme members.  

As part of our innovative mind set we embrace the benefits that well-managed artificial intelligence (AI) can bring to our work. Our efforts are centred around enhancing risk management for pension schemes, and equipping trustees with the advanced tools and skills they need to navigate the complex pensions and finance landscape. Our approach to AI development (both predictive and generative) is human-centric, prioritising ethical considerations and complementing our natural expertise. We take pride in spearheading innovation that is not only technologically advanced but one that reinforces the human element of our services.

Examples of our technology

  • Compass

    Compass, our bespoke online client portal, offers an intuitive gateway to a wealth of Cardano expertise. Information is accessible and available whenever required. 

  • Discover AI

    Discover uses AI to make external covenant analysis more accessible for  sectionalised schemes or portfolios of schemes, or smaller schemes.


    EARTH model assesses and quantifies the impact of sustainability related risk, taking nature of operations, sector dynamics and geographical exposure into consideration.


  • ESG Dashboard

    Our ESG dashboard aggregates all relevant data in one easy-to-access place for monitoring and reporting purposes. It enables ESG progress to be continually tracked and monitored against targets.

Award winning

Our pioneering efforts have been recognised across the industry, earning us numerous awards in key areas including covenant analysis, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices, and educational initiatives.

  • 2021

    Pensions Age award for innovation
  • 2022

    European Pensions Award and Pensions Age award for Innovation
  • 2023

    Pensions Age award for Innovation & Technology
  • 2024

    Pension Expert Innovation Award for our work on Generative AI