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About Us

Founded in The Netherlands in 2000, we have over 200 people with a vast array of backgrounds including risk management, investment management, research, actuarial, investment advisory and fiduciary management.

Our core interest is in understanding the causes and impact of risk in order to improve financial performance and resilience significantly. We believe that financial institutions, (including pension funds and insurance companies) can best serve their members by adopting a robust risk management approach. This involves taking acceptable risks to generate reasonable returns but avoiding the kind of excessive exposures that could be devastating.

The Renaissance man

Girolamo Cardano (1501-1576) was an innovator and one of the most eccentric thinkers of the Renaissance.  He was the very essence of a polymath, making contributions to medicine, philosophy, astronomy, geology, theology and mathematics.

Cardano was best known for his scientific and mathematical discoveries.  Not only did he solve the cubic and quartic equations, he also invented and described mechanical devices including the combination lock, the cardan shaft and the gimbal.

We have a desire to innovate the financial world creating robust solutions in the areas of investment and risk management.

Despite the fact that we live in a world of uncertainty, we can create an environment in which we control our destiny within certain boundaries. Uncertainty is here to stay but we can mitigate the consequences of uncertain events. That was the Renaissance idea, including that of one of its first masters, Girolamo Cardano, and it is also our philosophy.