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About us

We deliver sustainable growth and financial resilience by thinking differently.

Investment and advisory that knows the value of different

At Cardano, we take a distinct approach to advisory and investment management. Rather than repeat the same outdated models, we think bigger about the world around us. By bringing together cognitively diverse teams with a mix of perspectives and skill sets, we reduce blind spots and open up new possibilities, delivering tailored solutions for our clients that are fundamentally better.


Clients in advisory division

£314 bn

aggregated assets for advised schemes


pension savers serviced (NOW: Pensions)

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Our Awards

Over the last years we have consistently been recognised by the industry for our service to clients, and our approach to investing.
Here are just some of the awards we have won:

Discover our inspiration platform PERSPECTIVES

With PERSPECTIVES, we want to inspire our visitors with content that complements our unique approach to risk, resilience and growth. Here you will find content based on publications and interviews with global thought leaders. With this body of ideas we want to demonstrate the value of different to the pension industry.

How we work

More sustainable and resilient financial solutions come from working differently. We’ve built a culture that does just that.

A fiercely independent mindset

We started Cardano 20 years ago because we believed that people deserved more than the status quo. As a privately-owned specialist we have the freedom to adapt quickly to the shifting world around us – whether that is tailoring solutions to our clients’ unique local needs or leading the conversation on today’s big investment questions. And as an independent player, we are guided by our founding belief in doing what is right, not just for our clients but for our society as a whole. Through our work, we are committed to delivering a fairer, more equal, more sustainable economy for all.

Unexpected thinking for better solutions

We don’t think about risk the way the rest of the industry does. From the outset, we focus on an economically balanced approach to investing that capitalises on the upside while fully protecting the downside.

To deliver this, we look further than anyone else in the industry and push ourselves to consider the unexpected. From our best-in-class integration of covenant to leading ESG and net-zero investment strategies, we pride ourselves on being ahead of the game for our clients.

Teams that deliver extraordinary

We are consistently ranked 1st in quality of advice and that fundamentally comes down to our people. We put a unique focus on building multi-disciplinary teams that bring together different perspectives and skillsets, because we believe that a diversity of thinking leads to more extraordinary solutions. From young ambitious minds to industry-renowned experts, we have a strong culture of mentorship that supports continued individual growth. The result is deeply engaged teams, committed to stronger outcomes for our clients and the economies we invest in.