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We are Cardano

Our world deserves better financial solutions – that are more resilient and sustainable. That demands we do things differently.

At Cardano, we bring a distinct approach to advisory and investment management that challenges the status quo.

Exceptionally diverse thinking

We see cognitive diversity as the key to delivering extraordinary solutions for our clients. That is why we build a real mix of approaches and skill sets into each and every team. With this approach, we are able to cut through complex problems, reduce blind spots and embrace unexpected possibilities – which ultimately leads to more innovative and exceptional pension solutions for our clients and our planet.

An investment approach that sees the big picture

We believe stronger financial solutions demand a dynamic approach.

That’s why at Cardano, we never stand still. We constantly scan the market on behalf of our clients, tracking key pressures and shifts across the financial landscape, always keeping our clients’ portfolios steadily balanced.

Flexibility that’s built into our business

As a privately-owned specialist, we have always valued the freedom our independence brings.
So we’ve designed it into the very structure of our business.

We’ve created an organisational model which means, we can be truly responsive to shifting market trends in order to better serve our clients, continually re-inventing the way we work rather than repeating the same old tired approaches.

Michael de Lathauwer, Group CEO of Cardano

Here at Cardano we strive to deliver better pension solutions that benefit everyone. We look at the bigger picture and really listen to our clients to bring a fresh approach to risk, resilience, sustainability, covenant and growth. We hope you enjoy visiting our website and we look forward to hearing from you.

Michael de Lathauwer, Group CEO of Cardano

Interested in what we offer?

We help pension schemes make and implement their most important decisions about long-term objectives, investment strategy and risk management. Circumstances vary from client to client, but our overarching belief is that people deserve a different and more resilient pension solution. That means we strive to achieve acceptable outcomes – for Trustees, members and corporate sponsors – no matter what happens to economies and markets.


We are a leading provider of covenant and related advisory services for defined benefit pension schemes. Over the years we have broadened our services as the market has evolved and we now have specialists in other related areas including corporate finance, journey planning, litigation, restructuring and risk transfer.


A fiduciary manager will help you better predict, prepare for, and control the outcome of your decisions. A fiduciary manager typically takes responsibility for all the decisions relating to a scheme’s assets and liabilities and looks after all or most of a scheme’s assets, acting as a single point of contact and accountability for trustees.


Investing is a means to an end. It’s one way to grow assets until they are sufficient to meet your objectives: paying your beneficiaries, for example.
Traditionally, boards have made some strategic investment decisions which tend to be more impactful on financial outcomes. We can help you.



We help Trustees and employers with defined contribution schemes (DC) make and implement their most important decisions about their long-term objectives and risk management. Circumstances vary from client to client, but our over arching objective is to improve financial performance and resilience significantly.

We are Cardano

Learn more about how our advisory and investment businesses have come together to deliver better pension solutions for everyone.

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