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Advisory services for defined contribution schemes

If you’re here, there’s a pretty good chance either that you’re a trustee of a defined contribution (DC) pension scheme, or that you’re looking for a DC scheme. If the former is the case, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to find out all about our advisory services for trustees of DC schemes. And if the latter is the case and you’re looking for an auto-enrolment provider, why not scroll down to the section below on NOW: Pensions, our very own master trust?

DC trusts: getting the best out of your investments

As the trustee of a DC pension scheme, you want to deliver to your members by getting the best out of your investments. That means taking important decisions about long-term objectives, returns and risk management. While each scheme is unique, operating under its own specific circumstances, both trustees and employers generally share the same overarching aim: to achieve the best possible outcome so that their members enjoy a good income in retirement.

That’s where we come in

Whether it is by reviewing and setting your long-term objectives, by designing your investment strategy or by finding you the right investment managers, we are here to help. We work hard with you to understand what matters to you and your members, and to design investment strategies that suit your members’ ever-changing needs and circumstances. Our philosophy of maximising returns, within a sustainable framework and with the aid of robust risk management, is as important today for defined contribution investors as it has ever been.

So what exactly can we do for you?

  • We will design and implement investment strategies that are right for you and your members and ensure that your members are offered an appropriate range of investment options.
  • We start by understanding what it is you want to achieve. You define and measure success by setting clear objectives and targets.
  • From there, we will either help you design a new investment strategy or review your existing one, making sure it is consistent with your objectives, including the different phases of a member’s journey, and carefully balancing risk and reward.
  • By analysing your membership, we can help you identify the potential impact of the choices available to you, tailoring strategies as appropriate, and again balancing risk and reward, as well as integrating the latest thinking on sustainability.
  • Once you are confident you have the right default strategy in place, we can then help you choose the right range of investment options for those members who may want to do something different.
  • We provide full ongoing investment support, helping you to monitor and adapt your investment strategies to ensure they remain appropriate in the future.

NOW: Pensions for auto-enrolment schemes

If you’re an employer in need of an auto-enrolment provider, look no further. NOW: Pensions is an award-winning UK workplace pension provider, looking after the pension savings of millions of members on behalf of tens of thousands of employers from a wide range of industries. Operating under the motto of ‘Fair Pensions For All’, NOW: Pensions is dedicated to creating a pension system that benefits everyone. By highlighting inequalities and campaigning for change, it helps pension savers get the retirement they want – a better, more financially secure future.

Cardano Risk Management Limited is the investment manager for NOW: Pensions, which is part of the Cardano Group.