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Investment advisory

Goals and objectives of investment advice

Whether you’re a pension scheme trustee or sponsor, or perhaps even if you’re an advisor yourself, it’s good to know that we can offer you a comprehensive investment advisory service. Our aim is to help our clients capture opportunities, minimise risk and achieve their financial goals as efficiently as possible.

A full service starts with the laying of the foundations, i.e. clear long-term goals and objectives. Once these have been set, you can move on to defining your strategy in the form of a sustainable journey plan.

What’s next:


  • construct a portfolio;
  • allocate your assets;
  • select high-quality asset managers to implement your investment decisions (hiring and firing, negotiating fees and ensuring you get value for money);
  • meet all the relevant regulatory and compliance requirements;
  • doing all the compliance work you need to do to run your scheme;
  • deal with ESG and sustainability integration;
  • report and monitor.


As investors ourselves, we understand how critical it is to respond quickly to changes in market conditions.


Strategic Advice

Alongside comprehensive investment advice, we also take on shorter-term strategic advisory projects for both trustees and sponsors. These often involve optimising investments in terms of sustainability and ESG.

Our three key areas

The skill of our team

  • Our advisors are among the most experienced in the industry
  • We’re not ‘armchair experts’
  • We are better advisors because we are also investors (in our fiduciary management business)
  • Risk management is in our DNA

Accountability and focus

  • In-house investing breeds a culture of accountability for outcomes
  • Our aim is to help you take timely, effective and efficient decisions that have impact on outcomes for your members


  • We provide clear advice, so that you’re well-placed to make informed decisions
  • We use ‘dashboards’ and executive summaries to convey key information
  • We turn complex information into plain language
  • We monitor and report comprehensively on managers