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What is OCIO?

What is OCIO?

Our Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) service is like fiduciary management, but there are differences. Typically, OCIO is a more limited function. You “pick and mix” the services you require.


In OCIO, we’re usually one of multiple firms providing investment advice to mutual clients. Our clients delegate some decisions to us while retaining others.


OCIO may be right for you if:

  • Your governance can accommodate multiple advisors and managers
  • You want to own some investment decisions
  • You value robust and efficient implementation of decisions


If you haven’t made custody and cash management arrangements, all your investments – including securities, derivatives, other managers’ funds and private markets investments – can sit on our operational platform to help ensure investment infrastructure and administration are centralised, robust and efficient.

Why OCIO with Cardano?

Cardano is well placed to offer OCIO services because:

  • Culture: We’re quietly capable, low ego and ready to cooperate with other advisors and different stakeholders. We have no need to be the loudest voice in the room


  • Capability: We have a broader investment toolkit than most consultants and more asset-liability expertise than most asset managers. We’re a better fit in many OCIO “ecosystems”


  • Platform: Our operations were purpose-built to do exactly this for investors like you. In addition to robust infrastructure, we have sophisticated technology, risk systems and reporting. You’ll have the information to assess every component of your OCIO ecosystem and whether it’s getting the intended results


We provide a service rather than a product and will always find a solution and model that is the best fit for your needs.

Cardano appointed as OCIO for Northumbrian Water pension scheme

Cardano, the pension advisory and investment management specialist, has been appointed to act as the outsourced chief investment officer (OCIO) for the Northumbrian Water Pension Scheme in the UK.

After a competitive tender process, the Trustee appointed Cardano to design and implement the £830m Scheme’s strategic asset allocation (SAA).