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Our approach to Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity, equity and inclusion is at the core of our culture and how we run our business. We aspire to be truly diverse, fair and inclusive with the right talent to deliver the best possible results for our clients and to reflect the society we serve. We aim to achieve diversity across all dimensions and to make the Cardano Group a truly great place to work, where all of us can thrive and contribute to our success and where we all feel a sense of belonging. Our strong company values and beliefs lead us to engage with different initiatives and to improve the debate across all types of activities that we are engaged in around Diversity & Inclusion.

Diversity in the workplace: “It’s the right thing to do.”

At Cardano, diversity and inclusion is a key company value. We are firmly committed to its principle in both words and deeds. Dawn Thirley, Cardano’s Group HR Director, explains why.

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Managing diversity: Let everyone be themselves

In our podcast the successful business leaders Sarah McPhee and David Blackburn explain how they accomplish diversity and improve performance.

Pension People at Heart

Cardano gives employees ample opportunity to discover how they want to develop. Not by following a laid out career path, but in a way that best suits their personality. In this series of career stories we outline why we are pension people at heart.

Turning words into deeds: Diversity & Inclusion in practice at Cardano

A recent Cardano policy document states that “diversity, equity and inclusion are at the core of our culture and how we run our business.” But what does this actually mean in practice, what targets have we set ourselves and what action are we taking to achieve these aims?

The Diversity Project supports inclusive culture

The Cardano Group joined the Diversity Project in 2020. The Diversity Project is a cross-company initiative championing a more inclusive culture within the investment and savings profession. Cardano’s Group CEO Mickey de Lathauwer represents Cardano at the Advisory Council of the project.

Developing a more gender-balanced workforce at all levels

The Gender Inclusion Network (GIN) was formed in London in 2018, with the aim of helping Cardano UK to improve its gender balance. The GIN was recently expanded across the Cardano group to include representatives from all Cardano offices. The goal remains the same across the group: to ensure that we attract, retain and develop a more gender-balanced workforce at all levels

  • We continue our partnership with the #10000BlackInterns Programme

    Cardano first joined the #10000BlackInterns Programme in 2020 and we’re happy to continue our partnership with the programme in the summer of 2022. The #10000BlackInterns initiative brings together leading players across a wide range of industries to address the chronic under-representation of black talent in these sector.

  • A healthy mind in a healthy body

    The new Health & Wellbeing Group has been set up as part of our Diversity and Inclusion Programme. This group raises awareness and educates employees on a variety of mental health and wellbeing subjects through lunchtime talks, tailored trainings and additional resources. With this initiative we aim to promote well-being within Cardano Group.

  • Our Pride Network strengthens the feeling of belonging among all of us

    The purpose of the network is to support LGBTQ+ colleagues and allies both within and outside the workplace. We share the drive to make the workplace even more inclusive and connected. Find out more about how we do this.

Real diversity in exciting times

A wide diversity of views is a huge asset at a time of sweeping change, but genuine cognitive diversity does not come easy.


What is the power of real diversity and how can you develop this?

The underpensioned report about pension savings gaps

A Pensions Policy Institute (PPI) study sponsored by Cardano’s sister company NOW: Pensions has dentified the most ‘under-pensioned’ groups in the UK. The people in these groups are reaching retirement age with a pension wealth about 15% of the UK average. ‘We wanted to really understand the nature of that gap and where there could be opportunity for policy interventions to narrow it.’

Dawn Thirley, Group Head of HR

People do want to make a difference. They want to be in a business that they’re proud of.

Dawn Thirley, Group Head of HR

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Big questions for little people: Fair pensions for all

NOW: Pensions, a part of Cardano Group, have been raising awareness of the gender pensions gap. By highlighting inequalities and campaigning for change, they’re helping pension savers get the retirement they deserve. They asked several girls what they thought a pension was and how it works. Their answers were funny, sad and surprising – and provide food for thought for all generations.

Sasha Scott, the founder and CEO of the Inclusive Group

Cognitive diversity reduces blind spots in organisations

Cognitive diversity is important for organisations. In the financial industry we challenge conventional ways of thinking, aiming to improve decision-making. Sasha Scott says ‘A heterogeneous workforce with cognitive diversity boosts creativity and innovation. An inclusive corporate culture is crucially important in translating these benefits into better results.’

Enriching education to children in low-income areas

If children are given the opportunity to meet enthusiastic experts from a variety of fields, they will gain the knowledge they need to become who they want to be. Based on this philosophy, the IMC Weekend-school Foundation has offered additional and enriching education to children from neighbourhoods with a crucial need for this for over twenty years. Cardano has supported this initiative since 2005.