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Investment Advisory

Cardano provides investment advisory services to trustees, sponsors, and other advisors in the UK. As investors, we understand how critical responding quickly to changes in market conditions is to investments. We provide investment advice to help clients capture opportunities, minimise risk, and achieve financial goals in the most efficient way.

Why Cardano?

Our approach to Investment Advice is differentiated in four ways:

1. The team we field for clients

  • Our advisors are among the most experienced in the industry
  • We speak plainly and get to the point
  • We can work with Trustees, sponsors, other advisors – no ego

2. Our skill set

  • We’re not “armchair experts”
  • We are better advisors because we are also investors (in our Fiduciary Management business)
  • In-house investing breeds a culture of accountability for outcome
  • Risk management is in our DNA

3. Synthesis and prioritisation

  • We facilitate timely, effective and efficient decisions
  • We focus on the decisions with most impact on outcome for members
  • We pull it all together and synthesise complex information
  • We monitor and report comprehensively on managers

4. Communication

  • Our advice is prescriptive and succinct
  • We use “dashboards” and executive summaries to convey key information

Our bespoke solutions produce better investment outcomes, meeting clients’ goals and aligning with their objectives. Our investment consultants can advice on strategy, asset allocation among others whilst keeping risk management in mind.