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Investment Advisory

Why Cardano?

Our approach to Investment Advice is differentiated in four ways:

1. The team we field for clients

  • Our advisors are among the most experienced in the industry
  • We speak plainly and get to the point
  • We can work with Trustees, sponsors, other advisors – no ego

2. Our skill set

  • We’re not “armchair experts”
  • We are better advisors because we are also investors (in our Fiduciary Management business)
  • In-house investing breeds a culture of accountability for outcome
  • Risk management is in our DNA

3. Synthesis and prioritisation

  • We facilitate timely, effective and efficient decisions
  • We focus on the decisions with most impact on outcome for members
  • We pull it all together and synthesise complex information
  • We monitor and report comprehensively on managers

4. Communication

  • Our advice is prescriptive and succinct
  • We use “dashboards” and executive summaries to convey key information