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Defined Benefit

We help Trustees of defined benefit (DB) schemes make and implement their most important decisions about long-term objectives, investment strategy and risk management. Circumstances vary from client to client, but our overarching objective is: stability in an uncertain world.

Trustees face challenges regardless of the stage the defined benefit pension scheme has reached. Our defined benefit specialists help trustees navigate these problems with sound advice providing stability in an uncertain world.

That means we strive to achieve acceptable outcomes – for Trustees, members and corporate sponsors – no matter what happens to economies and markets.

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  • Fiduciary Management

    We provide Fiduciary Management services to schemes with assets of £100m to £2bn+. We take full responsibility for improving clients’ funding ratios while acting as an accountable partner and a single point of contact for Trustees.

  • Investment Advisory

    We provide Investment Advisory services to schemes with assets of £2bn+. We facilitate timely, effective decision-making, without adhering to industry dogma or rigid house views. We typically work for an all-inclusive fixed fee, and we don’t try to sell additional services.

  • Integrated Risk Management

    We believe IRM considerations should be applied whenever Trustees are setting and managing their journey plans (the path to achieve their funding objectives). We help clients with a 4-step approach.