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Pension People at Heart

Cardano gives employees ample opportunity to discover how they want to develop. Not by following a laid out career path, but in a way that best suits their personality. 

Here you can read some stories on why we are pension people at heart.

Judy Anunda: “We each bring something unique”

As someone who loves problem-solving and creating a tightly knit team, Judy Anunda feels she is in the right place at Cardano. She is a Director within the Cardano Advisory business and also co-chairs the Race and Cultural Diversity Employee Resource Group.

Greta Fearman: “Always return to the why”

Greta Fearman is on a mission. Cardano’s Head of Stewardship and Sustainable Investment since early 2023, she arrived from ACTIAM armed with an economics background, ten years’ experience in sustainability – and a passion to place stewardship right at the top of the agenda.

Helen Prior

Helen Prior: “Building something special”

Since joining Cardano in 2012, Helen Prior who is now a Client Director is delighted how much her role has broadened as the business has grown. She loves nothing more than acquiring new skills and having fresh goals to reach.

Steve Berkovi, Client Director

Steve Berkovi: “Be inquisitive and challenge yourself”

When Steve Berkovi left a global business to join Cardano, the relative new kid on the block, he wanted to be in the driving seat of his own career. Nearly 10 years on, it’s more than met those expectations. Now Client Director for Cardano Investment, Steve works with some of the company’s highest-profile clients – and recently scooped an industry rising star award.

Noortje de Beijer: “I love thinking about what drives people”

Noortje de Beijer is the Chief Commercial Officer for Cardano Netherlands and Cardano Asset Management. Here, she talks about her remarkable career and how she manages and coaches her teams.

Geordie Cox, Senior Investment Manager

Geordie Cox: “Taking a leap and re-inventing how I think”

Cardano is a massive supporter of people moving around within the business and finding their own way up. Few, however, have made quite such a leap as Senior Investment Manager Geordie Cox. Geordie discusses how he made the leap from lawyer to investor, how that has challenged him to re-invent how he thinks and how the support of his colleagues has helped him along the way.

Nillani Jeyapalan:“I love being with so many like-minded people”

Nillani Jeyapalan used to think she was someone who’d always want her career path mapped out neatly ahead. Yet, after qualifying at EY and spending three years at Cardano Nillani stepped into the unknown. She moved into a brand-new hybrid role working as both credit analyst and client solutions strategist – and hasn’t looked back since.

Felix Mantz: “Cardano is a huge advocate of people taking an idea and running with it.”

After joining the firm in 2016 as a pensions actuary, he now not only provides clients with specialist credit risk advice but is also spearheading Cardano’s development of innovative AI-driven solutions.

Welcoming the first secondee from The Pensions Regulator to Cardano Advisory

We were really pleased to welcome Hayley Knight from The Pension Regulator for 6 months. Here Hayley tells us about her Cardano Advisory secondment experience.