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A healthy mind in a healthy body

The new Health & Wellbeing Group within Cardano Group has been set up as part of our Diversity and Inclusion Programme.

This group raises awareness and educates employees on a variety of mental health and wellbeing subjects through lunchtime talks, tailored training and resources from internal and external channels. As the lockdown is lifted, we adjust to a new hybrid way of working. A range of information and tools will be hugely beneficial to all employees of Cardano.

Louisa Whiteley, Head of People & Culture

The new group also co-ordinates initiatives to promote wellbeing. It has been clinically proven over and over again that a healthy body has a direct link to a healthy mind. We are setting up employee group challenges, e.g. running, walking, reading groups etc, and educational events on subjects like sleep, nutrition and mindfulness. We also gather recommended reading, podcasts and TED Talks.

Our aim is not just education, but also encouraging to get together, particularly now that we all will be working in a hybrid manner. 

Louisa Whiteley, coordinator of this group, says: “I think this is something we all can relate to and learn from, now that the end of lockdown is hopefully in sight.”

The first group challenge of the Health & Wellbeing Group was taking part in the Run for Heroes to raise money for charity.