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Cardano and NOW: Pensions appoint new Head of Sustainability UK

4th December 2023

Cardano, the investment management and advisory business, today announces the appointment of Keith Guthrie as Head of Sustainability for the UK and for NOW: Pensions. Previously, deputy Chief Investment Officer (CIO) at Cardano Investment, Keith will now join the Cardano Sustainability Group (CSG) headed by Martine Snoek.

In his previous role, Keith already played an important part in building Cardano’s investment approach to sustainability in the UK. As part of the Sustainability Group, and a partner in the business, Keith will take on responsibility to represent Cardano and NOW: Pensions in the UK from the broad perspective of Sustainability, with continued emphasis on integration with the investment teams.

Keith Guthrie, Head of Sustainability UK, Cardano, said: “I’m very excited to be taking on this challenge. This is where my true passion lies: making a difference to the world whilst also delivering on our clients’ financial risk-reward goals. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the Sustainability Group in the last 18 months so this is a natural evolution of my role.

“Weaving sustainability throughout all of our investment decisions is a commitment across Cardano UK and NOW: Pensions that we will continue to build on. At NOW: Pensions, great progress has been made in the last two years, reaching a point where 82% of all our investments explicitly include sustainable objectives. In particular, I am looking forward to helping NOW: Pensions and Cardano focus on how we can drive real-world change through our sustainable investments. As well as managing short-term risks, we are continuing to invest with our members’ long-term financial position in mind to deliver a more sustainable society.”

Martine Snoek, Group Head of Sustainability, Cardano, commented: “We’re thrilled that Keith is our new Head of Sustainability for the UK and NOW: Pensions. With his seasoned experience and with his passion for sustainable investing, Keith will continue to raise our sustainability profile with the market and with clients, ensuring that our approach to sustainability in the UK continues to be market leading.

Patrick Luthi, CEO of NOW: Pensions, comments: “We are looking forward to working with Keith to build on the progress we have made since 2017 when NOW: Pensions began investing in green, social and sustainable bonds. The majority of our investment portfolio now explicitly includes sustainable objectives, and we are committed to pursuing our three sustainability priorities of climate action, living wages and gender equality to help deliver fair pensions for all.”