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At Cardano we are committed to improving how we function in the pensions industry.

In our IMAGINE conference series, we present thought provoking, intelligent and relevant insights to the Pensions Industry so that pension scheme trustees can serve their schemes’ members in the best way possible.

“Black Box Thinking” in the pensions industry

“Black Box Thinking” emerged in the aviation industry as a way to understand and learn from crashes to prevent them in the future. Since then it has become a mindset in aviation and has led to spectacular industry safety improvements.

We believe this mindset of continuous learning and improvement should be applied to the pensions industry. And doing so will make the industry more resilient. And pensioners and sponsors better off.

Our IMAGINE Conference in 2018 focused on our individual and collective ability to learn from mistakes to improve outcomes for pension members and corporate sponsors.  We had three dynamic external speakers including Matthew Syed, the best-selling author and journalist for The Times.

Watch this video to learn more.

If you want to learn more about future events in the IMAGINE Conference Series, please get in touch.


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