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Corporate Risk Solutions

Managing pension scheme risk is challenging, and with an increasing range of options it can be hard to decide on the optimal solution. 

We focus on understanding your specific needs and finding the right solution to meet all your stakeholder expectations. Our ‘product-agnostic’ approach to endgame planning draws on our extensive insurer-side expertise, and our investment and covenant know-how. 

Tailored for each scheme-sponsor relationship

Our impressive track record in helping sponsors manage pension scheme risk and in-depth market understanding means we have the confidence and experience to challenge market norms. Instead, we focus on identifying the optimum solution based on the circumstances. 

We’ll manage your discussions with trustees, including options such as buy-out or taking an alternative path, run your pension scheme, on or tailor a de-risking strategy that meets your needs.  

Risk settlement

Our dedicated Risk Settlement team has extensive experience working for market-leading buy-out providers. Our in-depth insights get you to the front of the queue in a busy market and negotiate attractive terms with insurers. 


We provide clear advice and cut through insurance industry jargon, with bespoke tools to guide you on insurer pricing and their track records. We help you assess them as a counterparty across areas including insurer covenant, administration and ESG. 


Our buy-in and buy-out brokering service is available for all pension schemes. We’ll work with you through market preparation, insurer engagement and delivering a successful transaction. And if you’re looking for support post-transaction, we’ll guide you through the data, legal, investment and wind-up workstreams. 

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Alternative de-risking

With a growing range of risk-transfer solutions on offer, there’s plenty of opportunity to take a different approach to reducing pension scheme risk. 


New de-risking solutions seek to balance risk-reduction, benefit security and affordability. From commercial pension fund consolidators to capital-backed funding arrangements, we tailor innovative and alternative de-risking structures to your specific circumstances. 


Alternative de-risking can be complex, but our expert risk solutions team will help you navigate the benefits and limitations for each de-risking solution, guiding you to the right approach. 


Our investment and covenant know-how enables us to engage with a range of alternative de-risking providers on your behalf. So you can be confident that the solution will be the right one for your members and for the company.  

Unlocking value

The improvement in UK pensions funding levels has also presented the opportunity to unlock value through scheme surplus. Our team’s multi-disciplinary approach makes us ideally positioned to help you assess the opportunity, including reviewing legal access concerns, accounting impacts and any PR implications.  


We identify your objectives and engage with trustees to design and implement a pensions strategy, agreeing a long-term goal and timeframe and including contingency plans.  

Counterparty risk

Choosing a de-risking solution is a finely balanced decision, which is unique for every pension scheme. Identifying the right counterparty is key.  


While the insurance regime operates to protect policyholders, insurance is not risk-free. As corporate sponsor, you‘re responsible for your members’ benefits should the chosen insurer fail. The alternative solutions regulatory regime is less established and structures are typically bespoke to each pension scheme’s situation, so counterparty risk considerations are even more important. The Pension Regulator recognises this with its ‘gateway tests’ for consolidators. 


We can advise you on insurer counterparty risk during insurer selection, including financial strength and resilience, member experience capabilities and ESG considerations. 

Since 2014, we’ve advised on over £48 billion of buy-ins, buy-outs and longevity swaps across transactions of all sizes. We’re the UK BPA market’s largest provider of insurer counterparty assessments and the UK’s most established counterparty risk team, offering market-leading employer covenant expertise and experience. We can help you assess transferring obligations to a third-party provider or assist with agreeing terms to support the running on of the pension scheme. 

Our dedicated Risk Solutions team has diverse backgrounds and experience, giving us an in-depth understanding of the marketplace and different approaches to suit each client. 

To find out more about how we can advise you on managing your pension scheme risk, contact our Risk Solutions team today. 

Our new 2023 CFO report

New world, new decisions

Our new report, New world, new decisions, reveals proprietary insights into key areas of interest to UK CFOs and senior executives on the challenges and opportunities for their Defined Benefit (DB) pension schemes. This comes at a time where improved funding positions and burgeoning pension surpluses has created a new set of dilemmas for corporates.