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Sustainable Investing: aiming for positive impact alongside financial reward

Cardano, our approach to Sustainability


In which financial services improve our quality of life
In which one feels responsibility to watch over other people’s money

But we live in an irrational and uncertain world
With a financial system that frequently goes crazy
In which unnecessary losses lead to great personal suffering

Therefore, we want to contribute to a fair society
By fighting for a robust financial system
That ensures people a more secure retirement
And enables entrepreneurs to prosper

That is our purpose
That is what drives us
That is to what we devote our talent, knowledge and energy

We are Cardano, Risk specialists and financial pioneers. 

Our inspiration

    ESG thought leaders

    Climate change is an overpowering and tragic example of wilful blindness

    Climate change is ‘the most overpowering and tragic example of wilful blindness’, claims the successful American entrepreneur, author, management guru and TED speaker Margaret Heffernan. One of her books is entitled Wilful Blindness, which means turning a blind eye or burying your head in the sand.

    ESG thought leaders

    Kate Raworth: We are addicted to infinite growth

    Neoclassical economic theories are no longer relevant. They are the reason why the earth’s resources have been depleted so as to jeopardise the future. They have created a world in which extreme poverty abounds and the rich just get richer. That’s the contention of English economist Kate Raworth, who champions a new economy mirroring nature, in which responsible ESG policies are the norm.

Cardano's real world impact

    impact investing

    Cardano Development: innovative solutions with a long lasting impact

    ESG targets, green obligations, contributing to the UN's climate goals. These are all important themes in the financial sector. The foundation for Cardano Development was laid way back in 2005, long before “going green” became fashionable. Since then, this impact investor has grown into the largest collaboration platform for development banks in the world.

    impact investing

    The gender pension gap: pensioner poverty for women?

    A Pensions Policy Institute (PPI) study sponsored by NOW: Pensions has revealed that women aged 25 will accumulate a workplace pension that is 20% less than men by the age of 65. What's the reason for this gap and where there could be opportunity for policy interventions to narrow it?

    impact investing

    The impact of 10 years The Currency Exchange

    Until the establishment of The Currency Exchange Fund (TCX) in 2007, development banks provided loans to companies in developing countries in hard currency, such as dollars. An example of wrong way risk because local entrepreneurs do business in weaker currencies. The TCX fund, founded by Cardano and Cardano Development, insures this currency risk.

ESG in practice

Sustainable investing

    Cardano UK

    How should pension funds be applying ESG in derivatives?

    Despite the prominence of derivatives across UK pension scheme portfolios, the assessment of ESG factors in derivatives remains relatively nascent. The question of how trustees – and investors more broadly – should approach ESG in derivatives remains relatively poorly treated. This is surely a serious omission, given that pension funds are significant users of derivatives.

  • Cardano UK

    Exploring climate change and the challenge for pension funds

    Global climate change and the corona crisis. Two phenomena that have a huge impact on the economy and create a lot of uncertainty. What are the effects for the pension industry? How do you prepare for different scenarios that may arise? In this webinar, Dana Day and Michael Bushnell will address these questions and offer tools and instruments to get started.

    Lincoln Pensions

    “Be prepared to fix it or pay for it”

    Managing Director Michael Bushnell explains that within the Cardano Group the role of Lincoln Pensions is to look for the potential issues that might arise in a sponsor company, so that the pension fund trustee is prepared for them. “Climate change and ESG factors give trustees a chance to positively influence the employer covenant in a way that is not generally possible.”

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