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ESG and sustainability integration for Corporate Advisory Services

When it comes to strategic planning, it’s vital to consider environmental, social and governance (ESG) challenges, especially those related to climate change. Integrating sound ESG practices into your overall strategy can improve your corporate performance, driven by more prudent risk management, cost savings, better access to capital and maximising ESG opportunities. 

We’re firm believers that meaningful ESG strategies make companies more resilient and valuable in the long term. Our sustainability experts help management teams develop a comprehensive view on ESG-related opportunities and risks and unlock the benefits of an impactful ESG strategy.   

Common corporate challenges

Our diverse client experience gives us a deep insight into key ESG challenges faced by companies across a wide range of industries: 

To tackle these challenges, companies will need to embrace ESG strategies and initiatives by defining clear goals, being transparent, developing proactive engagement strategies, and weaving ESG values into core business practices.


Our ESG advisory services

We have developed a range of dedicated, specialist ESG advisory services to help you drive better outcomes, whether it’s through reducing carbon emission costs, increasing supply chain compliance or adhering to new regulatory requirements. 

Sustainability risk analysis  

We’ve partnered with the University of Edinburgh to develop the award-winning EARTH model. It helps businesses assess the likely financial impact of climate and sustainability risks now and in the future. We offer independent insight into the resilience of your business and its capacity to capitalise on opportunities. Our tailored advice will help you proactively adapt your company strategy, ensuring you make the most of opportunities and manage risks effectively. 

Transition planning  

We can help you establish, assess and build on credible decarbonisation transition plans. Our track record speaks for itself. We’ve provided subject matter expertise on draft disclosure framework and implementation guidance on corporate transition plans in consultation with the Transition Plan Taskforce. Read our consultation response here . 


Regulatory reporting and strategic advice, including regulatory horizon scanning   

We offer support throughout the climate and sustainability reporting process, including through readiness assessments and scenario analysis. You’ll receive actionable output to integrate sustainability initiatives into your broader business strategy. Our dedicated team will keep you informed of the latest regulatory requirements across jurisdictions, including TCFD, CSRD, TPT and TNFD. Horizon scanning means new developments like IFRS S1 and S2 can be understood and managed in good time within your overall business strategy.  


Board preparedness and training  

Embedding awareness of sustainability risks and opportunities at senior management level is vital for consistent outperformance. We provide tailored training for management teams, from basic background (the science behind climate change scenarios), to specific topics (preparation for TCFD or CSRD reporting) and strategic responses (including real-world examples and outcome modelling).  


Sustainable investment dashboard   

Aligning sustainability goals amongst internal stakeholders is vital for positive outcomes. Our custom reporting dashboard lets you ensure that your investments, corporate pension plans and endowments are invested consistently with your corporate policies. It there’s a goal mismatch, our investment management and pensions advisory expertise will aid effective stakeholder management.  


Stakeholder management  

Our experts are experienced in helping clients understand and pre-empt stakeholder demands. We can tailor your messaging and benchmark against peer performance. Our stewardship team will guide you in pre-empting and addressing investor priorities, while demonstrating policy and governance enhancements. Our pensions advisory team will align any related corporate pension schemes and secure a positive impact. Our broader investment and credit management background means we ensure smooth progress with all financial stakeholders.  


Who we are

The Cardano Sustainability Group is a team of 30 specialists, leveraging the expertise and resources of the broader Cardano Group. We combine sustainability expertise with a diverse range of backgrounds – including corporate finance, investment management and accountancy – to offer impactful strategic advice to our corporate clients.  

We work closely with academics from around the UK to ensure we provide cutting-edge advice in this rapidly changing and highly specialised area. Our international team is based across London and Rotterdam, providing broad understanding and coverage of sustainability across the UK and continental Europe.  

Our new 2023 CFO report

New world, new decisions

Our new report, New world, new decisions, reveals proprietary insights into key areas of interest to UK CFOs and senior executives on the challenges and opportunities for their Defined Benefit (DB) pension schemes. This comes at a time where improved funding positions and burgeoning pension surpluses has created a new set of dilemmas for corporates.