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Theo Kocken

Founder of Cardano

Theo is the founder of Cardano, professor of Risk Management at the VU University Amsterdam and chairman of the Cardano Development Foundation.

Over the past 25 years he has published many books and articles, and worked to improve education on risk management with the ambition to create more robust financial systems, which in turn will help better retirement planning.

Together with Monty Python’s Terry Jones, Theo produced the documentary “Boom Bust Boom” on financial crises and endogenous instability, with a clear call to policy makers and academics to adjust economics to human nature. To further widen the public understanding of economics, he supported the development of the website Economy, This website is the result of a collaboration between Cardano Insights and the worldwide Rethinking Economics student movement.

It makes me extremely proud to see what we have achieved for the retirement industry via our innovative thinking.

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