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Join us at PLSA 2018

We are delighted to be sponsoring this year’s PLSA Annual Conference and speaking at the Trustee Learning Zone at 10:00 on Wednesday 17 October.

Trustees are asked to make consequential decisions amidst fundamental uncertainty: about economies, markets, the strength of their sponsors’ covenant and other factors.
Many of the tools (e.g. asset-liability models) developed to help trustees manage uncertainty have failed: actual experience has been nothing like modelled projections. Again and again.

This session will offer a fresh perspective on how to navigate fundamental uncertainty. Theo Kocken, Co-CEO of Cardano Group, and Phil Redding, UK Head of Business Development, will argue that scenario thinking is a powerful tool when making decisions. By imagining future scenarios, we are better able to recognise the signals that those scenarios are unfolding and adapt. Memento futuri: memories of the future.

Theo will offer very practical “rules and tools” trustees can use to achieve better outcomes in a world without stable equilibriums, knowable probability distributions and rational decision-makers. In other words, the real world: the one that drives outcomes for our members.

Theo Kocken

Theo is the founder and co-CEO of Cardano, professor of Risk Management at the VU University Amsterdam and chairman of the Cardano Development Foundation.
Over the past 25 years he has published many books and articles, and worked to improve education on risk management with the ambition to create more robust financial systems, which in turn will help better retirement planning. Together with Monty Python’s Terry Jones, Theo produced the documentary “Boom Bust Boom” on financial crises and endogenous instability, with a clear call to policy makers and academics to adjust economics to human nature.

Phil Redding

Phil is responsible for Business Development in the UK and Ireland for Cardano.

Prior to Cardano, Phil was Head of Business Development EMEA at Aviva Investors. With 30 years in the industry, Phil’s background, in addition to the investment roles at Aviva Investors and previously Credit Suisse, includes key pension roles in the DC world, at Zurich, CIS and as a pensions consultant at Hogg Robinson Benefit.